Saturday, September 5, 2009

Re Editing of Blood of the Dragon

I have been re editing my book, Blood of the Dragon, to catch the multitude of sins, misspellings, plot line deficiencies, etc. so that I can produce a better and more improved version. I also hope to include some illustrations in the next version. I have also put the name Draculya in the title so people will know better what the book is about.

My friend at work Kyle, graciously read the book from cover to cover and made notes about it. Another friend at Macy's who calls himself "Alucard" (guess what that spells backwards?) is reading it as well and seems to be enthralled at this point. from what I understand the first part of the story is a little hard to get through, but once indoctrinated into Vlad's world it gets addictive.

I am hoping to finally put up my new video document about Vlad the Impaler on You tube soon. It is a fairly long piece so I had to break it into three parts. I would be pleased if you would watch it. I'll post the URL here when I get it ready.

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